Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pandora's, Puppies, Pretties and a Yart Sale!

Hi.. So today I have a Pandora Set of beads that I really think is pretty, but of course I am biased. The blue beads are just really pretty in the light. I love the red too. The puppy is not for sale of course but he would like to play if you have the time. Sigh. The flowers are blooming all over the yard. I have a lilac bush that is kind of a late bloomer and it is just now starting to come out. I love lilacs. The other two bead sets are summery and fun. So go check out my store and see what is going on. Oh and I almost forgot. I (and a bunch of people on Etsy) am having a Yart Sale. Yes, a Yart Sale. So go look at the special section in my store and that is where you will find the bargains. Oh and did I mention that I have approx 32 rose bushes in my yard so there will be plenty of pics this summer to see. The buds are THICK! Have a great day! Hi mom!

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