Saturday, June 30, 2007

I got this adorable frog in the mail today. I won the auction at nlcbeads on ebay. She is the "Sheep Goddess" as well. Anyway, I made the frit multicolored beads and they just happened to be laying here just waiting for this cutie to come along and be added to the bracelet. Go check out nlcbeads on ebay, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Here are some earrings I made last night --

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here is a really elegant bracelet that made using a bead set that she bought from me. Go see the rest of her stuff at the link above.

Here is a beautiful necklace that made using a focal lampwork bead that she bought from my shop. Go check her stuff out, she has some really pretty items for sale.

This is orange delight on white - kinda pretty I think!

Here is another pretty set - it is dark teal on white

Here are a few new bead sets that I am adding to my etsy site. I particularly like this one -It is copper green dots on ivory.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New beads on ETSY!!!!!

Hi! I have been really busy this last weekend making beads, and have several sets that I will be adding to my etsy site. I got a whole bunch of new glass last week and am having a ball trying everything out. One of the new glasses is Terra, crazy expensive stuff, I am almost :) too scared to try it. Made a couple of teeny, tiny beads with it, I mean teeny, and then wasn't so sure it reacted cause they were sooo small. Cheap is my middle name. :) Not really but just don't want to waste good glass. So anyway, the weather has been miserably hot here. It was a perfect excuse to stay indoors over the weekend, although my flower beds are begging for attention. Anybody know how to get rid of viney weeds? The ones that have white blooms during the day and really po me whenever I see them blooming? If so, I would definately LOVE to hear from you!!! I just bought 3 hollow mandrels, so hopefully you will see "Beautiful" hollow vessels on my etsy site. Confident aren't I? What else----well I am at work and wishing I was home so I could make beads. My 3 year old "puppy" had the runs today on my bedroom floor. Felt sooo bad for him, and for me too cause I had to clean it up! Hopefully he is feeling better now. Anyway, I guess that is as good as any a note to end on. So until next time buy lots of beads from both of my etsy sites. See the sidebar for directions... Thanks Pam

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Etsy Glass Artists - "Summer Solstice Sale"

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Summer Solstice Sale"

Hi.. Members of the Etsy Glass Artists Street Team are having a BOGO 1/2 off Summer Solstice Sale. It runs from Saturday June 16th to the 23rd. Please go check out all the wonderful items that are available to choose from. If you are going there from this blog please write the word Solstice in the email to the seller upon check out. This is a kind of audit so we know where people are coming from, advertising wise. There is a list of participants at the website. You can just click on the pictures and go right to all there wonderful shops. Don't forget to check out mine!!! Have a great weekend and Happy Shopping! Pam

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Etsy Store

Hi, It has been a busy week. We started out on Sunday "power raking" the front yard! This is not recommended. It was a pain in my back! The power raking wasn't so hard, the machine does all the work, but turning it around was kinda rough. THEN.. you have to hand rake all the grass clipping and bag them. UGH! We filled up two trash cans and "9" gigantuan trash bags. Granted we have a fairly large front yard but it is not near as big as the back yard, and guess what is next! Sheesh. I can not believe how badly I am not looking forward to doing that, and to boot it is supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend. :( YICK!
Anyway, enough of my bellyaching.
I really just wanted to tell you about my "NEW" Etsy shop. I sell Swarovski crystals and figured that they needed a home of their own so I opened up a shop just for them. It is MyCabinCreationsToo. I put a link in the sidebar to take you directly there. Go check it out.
Also check back this weekend - Etsy Glass is having a big doings that is hush hush until OHHH probably Friday night. I am participating in that as well, and will have more info to give you then. It's Exciting!!! This I can tell you.
I have been working on my wedding plans.. I decided my color(s) would be purple. My sweetie is going to wear a tux for our little beach shindig and he is going to get a purple vest and bow tie. Can't wait to see that!!! He is such a handsome fella. ;)
Anyway..Just be sure to check back for sure on Friday if not sooner, I may slip and let the cat out of the bag before that. Take care and have a terrific week... Pam

Monday, June 4, 2007

June 4th and alls well!

I think! I am at work and we just started new computer charting this week. I am a nurse. So far it is ok, but I don't have but one patient tonight. I imagine it is going to get worse. Anyway, had a great weekend, did a lot of yard work (as usual) and made a lot of beads. I have this thing about making blue beads lately. That's ok cause they are pretty, but maybe next weekend I will try a different color. Light Blue??? !! LOL I started my new diet today, I need to lose 20 pounds by September to fit into my WEDDING DRESS!!!! We are getting married during our cruise to the
Caribbean in December. We are planning a "BEACH" wedding in ST. THOMAS!!!!!! The caps indicate excitement!!!!! I picked out and bought my dress on is reeeealllly pretty but just a tad bit too small. So, that is the diet.. UGH! Anyway... on to the business at hand, I will be posting my weekends creations on my Etsy store throughout the week. So check back often. More later about the WEDDING!!!!!! Bye