Monday, June 25, 2007

New beads on ETSY!!!!!

Hi! I have been really busy this last weekend making beads, and have several sets that I will be adding to my etsy site. I got a whole bunch of new glass last week and am having a ball trying everything out. One of the new glasses is Terra, crazy expensive stuff, I am almost :) too scared to try it. Made a couple of teeny, tiny beads with it, I mean teeny, and then wasn't so sure it reacted cause they were sooo small. Cheap is my middle name. :) Not really but just don't want to waste good glass. So anyway, the weather has been miserably hot here. It was a perfect excuse to stay indoors over the weekend, although my flower beds are begging for attention. Anybody know how to get rid of viney weeds? The ones that have white blooms during the day and really po me whenever I see them blooming? If so, I would definately LOVE to hear from you!!! I just bought 3 hollow mandrels, so hopefully you will see "Beautiful" hollow vessels on my etsy site. Confident aren't I? What else----well I am at work and wishing I was home so I could make beads. My 3 year old "puppy" had the runs today on my bedroom floor. Felt sooo bad for him, and for me too cause I had to clean it up! Hopefully he is feeling better now. Anyway, I guess that is as good as any a note to end on. So until next time buy lots of beads from both of my etsy sites. See the sidebar for directions... Thanks Pam

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