Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Back

Hi, I got back from vacation and the honeymoon and am trying to get my life in order again. I swear it takes a week or more to straighten everything up and get back to "normal" after being gone so long. I had about 250 emails (mostly junk) when I got home, plus a whole grocery bag of mail {also mostly junk). What a nightmare. Makes me long for the warm sunny beaches again. Sigh.
So anyway. Here is a picture of my Etsy Glass Artists business card with the ship. It is somewhat of an optical illusion, I think it makes the ship look like a toy. Believe me, it wasn't. We went on the Carnival Liberty for an 8 day Eastern Caribbean cruise and got married on Magen's Beach in St. Thomas. It was amazing. I will post more pics when I have the time.
Oh and if you are wondering. The Etsy glass artists street team does this with the business card. Just kinda to see where it has been. I have a few more pics that I will post as well later. Shameless advertising, I know.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wedding Bracelet

Here is the second wedding bracelet I made. It is kind of hard to see, but the dark beads are a very deep purple. I made a clear bead and then put the clear purple on top so you could actually tell it had color. Otherwise it looks black. They are really mesmerizing to look through. So then, I was just going to use those in the bracelet and I just happened to see the purple focal bead on my table and DING the light went on. I will add it too! It is the same deep purple on the one side. I think it is really kind of elegant and pretty. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bracelet to wear on the BIG DAY!

Ha.. are you sick of me yet.. :) I promise I will quit talking about my WEDDING! as soon as it is over... well maybe. I was planning on blogging about the whole event. We will see. Anyway, here is a bracelet that I made to wear, I have another one in the works so now I am undecided as to which one I like better. I will post a pic of it tomorrow, and maybe you all can tell me which I should wear. Anyway, we are getting married on Megan's Beach in St. Thomas so I added a little seashell theme to the bracelet. 'til tomorrow...

Beaded Headband I Made

Hi.. This is something new that I have tried. It is a beaded headband that I made to wear with my wedding dress (one week away) EEEK! I am hair challenged so this is what I came up with to tame the mane. It was a lot of fun to do and I have a few other ideas swimming around in my head to try. I get a lot of inspiration from www.gracebeading.blogspot.com. She does beautiful work. I really think I need to make a snowman next. : )