Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Back

Hi, I got back from vacation and the honeymoon and am trying to get my life in order again. I swear it takes a week or more to straighten everything up and get back to "normal" after being gone so long. I had about 250 emails (mostly junk) when I got home, plus a whole grocery bag of mail {also mostly junk). What a nightmare. Makes me long for the warm sunny beaches again. Sigh.
So anyway. Here is a picture of my Etsy Glass Artists business card with the ship. It is somewhat of an optical illusion, I think it makes the ship look like a toy. Believe me, it wasn't. We went on the Carnival Liberty for an 8 day Eastern Caribbean cruise and got married on Magen's Beach in St. Thomas. It was amazing. I will post more pics when I have the time.
Oh and if you are wondering. The Etsy glass artists street team does this with the business card. Just kinda to see where it has been. I have a few more pics that I will post as well later. Shameless advertising, I know.

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Joey & Aleethea said...

Congratulations to the newlyweds!!!! I found your blog from the random blog button at etsybloggers.com and I love your ship/business card photo.