Thursday, June 12, 2008

Etsy Glass Artists Member "Jewelry By Natsuko"

I am a member of the Etsy Glass Artists Street Team and I wanted to introduce you to Natsuko who is also a member and share some of her talent and creations with you. Here is what she has to say....

Tell us about you, and as much as you'd like to share with the world:
I am a wife, mother, originally from Japan. Now live in Columbus OH for 16 years. Stay at home mom at the moment and trying to make living with my jewelry. Used to work at fine jewelry store but got laid off due to economic draw back. I think I’m pretty boring person to other people. Not very outgoing. Like to lie out in the sun, take a walk, stay home and make jewelry and hang out with my 19 month old son!

Let's hear about your shop and how you got started:
My shop “Jewelry by Natsuko” features simple and stylish handmade jewelry. I use various media. Mostly glass enameling, some wire wrapping, and polymer clay. I was making jewelry for about 10 years and it was always my dream to have my own shop!

Where did you learn how to do make jewelry?
I am self-taught for the most part. Took some polymer clay classes and taking an enameling class once a week to expand my repertory.

What inspires you to create?
Season change. Weather. Nature. Color. Silhouette. And new out fit:)

Descibe yourself in one word and why:
Prude. My friend called me that once and I agreed.

What's your favorite:
Book: The Chronicles of Narnia The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. (My all-time favorites!)
Movie: This is tough one, I didn’t like “Chronicles of Narnia” as much as the book. I’d have to say Lampoon vacations.
Song: ”You are the sunshine of my life” I love Stevie Wonder!
Etsy shop: Her jewelry is out-of-this-world beautiful!! And of course my other shop this shop features jewelry using my business partner Lisa’s photography transfer onto polymer clay. And all of EGA shops! We are seriously talented group of people!!

Anything else?
I loooooove making jewelry! I’m so thankful that I have opportunity to do what I do!!

These are so pretty. I love the description as well.. Anything you would like to tell about how they are made (don't worry I don't want your secrets :)
Thank you! Not much secrets to this one. Simply cut off wire and make spiral, then hammered and oxidized. It was a rainy day. I thought about rain running down the snails.

I love this too. Anything you would like to add about it.
I just adore poppies:) Actually I’m amazed by how pretty this one turned out. A lot of work goes into this. It has so many layers of different color of enamel. And trick is when to stop. Because of texture and fire scale, if I put too much it wouldn’t show through enamel. Each firing is thrilling moment! I’m very satisfied with this. Not many times things turned out the way I imagined…. I’m thinking about making earrings of this design.

So that is a little bit about Natsuko so be sure and check out her shops. I know that I will be returning to see all of her wonderful creations.

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Bill and Tara said...

LOVE her work! Thanks for sharing!