Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year (a little late) :)

Hi all! Happy New Year! It is going to be a terrific year I just know it. I have lots of plans and goals that I will be working on this year and business expansion (hopefully) if I can get it all done.

Had a great Christmas with my family here and in Illinois. I don't get to go home often enough and sure wish that it wasn't so far away. I live in Utah and it is a two day drive to Illinois with my husband, our 80 lb springer spaniel Tuck (who insists on sitting on the passengers lap in the front seat the whole way), and our new kitty (who was a real trooper and rode in the backseat).

They are a lot of fun though, and kitty is getting friendlier every day and letting us pet him more and pick him up. His real name is Hissy if that tells you anything.

Had our alternator go out on our car about 50 miles from our destination in Illinois. What a pain in the butt. Mom had to come and bring us a battery so we could make it home.

We had a thunderstorm one night when we were there. We had lots of thunder and lightening and rain which melted all the ice. Strange weather. But I miss the thunderstorms. Tuck doesn't like them at all.

So now I am back to work and trying to get stuff done since we were gone. Our Christmas tree is still up. Hopefully this weekend we will put it away.

I haven't made any beads since before Christmas but I have a few that I haven't taken pictures of or listed yet. Maybe I will get to that in the morning. Check back to see.

My husband made some really cool wooden pandora beads that I need to list. I lined them in copper and they are really neat and original. I will try to get the picture of them up here as well.

Got to go back to work for now. More later! Pam

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Sweetwater Designs said...

I'd be happy to see a thunder storm right now..it's been -20 and worse for the last 2 weeks and way too much snow! :) yeah..it's crazy weather..
Looking forward to seeing your new beads!