Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Beadsets and Pandora Beads Today!

I bought a few rods of silver rich glass a few months ago and never have really done much with it. I had some difficulty working it right. It costs about $25.00 for 1/4 pound, so it is sure not cheap. Some of it I think I paid $4 a rod. So anyway since it was not coming out too pretty I just put it away instead of wasting all that moola. Well, last week I found some better instructions and got the glass out to play again. I made a couple of really pretty pandora beads with raised dots all over them...WOW is what I thought. Went to do the copper lining and broke the little dots clean off. Did that not just once but twice. I was soooooo po'd. The second bead ended up getting thrown across the kitchen. Of course it survived the trip...stupid thing. Anyway... they are on my little shrine of misbegotten beads...couldn't bear to throw them away yet. So the next day I tried to make more and here are a few of them. I have a whole bag of goodies I need to get listed, just need to find the time. More is on the way.. promise! :) HI MOM!

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