Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In Memory of my Dad

I was inspired recently to do a kind of memorial to my dad who passed away 4 years ago today. He was just 65 and had a lot of life left to live, but he did not wait until retirement to enjoy the life that he had. He loved to camp and ride his motorcycle and travel and see the world, and he loved to do this with mom. I just try and remember not to put off the things that I want to do until tomorrow, because that day may never come. I think I get this from dad. He was a pretty great guy.

I wanted to make a bead that would remind me of him, I didn't think I could make a motorcycle so this is what I came up with. Dad loved John Deere tractors. He used to take my nephew around the yard for rides on his riding lawn mower. He rebuilt a few of them and gave me one which I still use. So here is my attempt, altho it looks more like a combine than a riding mower, you get the drift.

I miss you Dad.


sandy said...

Pam I think your picture, your note and your tractor are wonderful. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. What a husband, dad and grandpa he was and I miss him so much. I cherish my memories. Thanks Pam for being the great daughter that you are. Love Mom.

Diana said...

That tractor is precious. you did a great job on it! I lost my dad 6 yrs ago. I still miss him. that was a great tribute you did.