Friday, March 28, 2008

Can you say ADDICTED to making Pandora Beads!

I am absolutely addicted to making these beads. So go buy them all so I can continue with my obsessive behavior please! I love coming up with the color combinations and seeing how pretty they come out. I love how they look on the silver bracelet. I love to take pictures of them...they are soooo pretty! I sold some to a co-worker last week and she came in and was showing everyone at work her bracelet. She bought three copper green beads and they were absolutely stunning with her silver spacers. I was impressed (humble aren't I). So here they are... go to my shop and BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!! please :-)


SK said...

thay are so beatiful.... İ also would like to have them where is your store ???

Stephen said...

Are they available online? I'm not sure about addicted to making them, but certainly addicted to wearing. They're the only wrist jewellery - if you can call them that - that I've consistently worn in all my 50+ years, to the extent that I've worn the plating off three bracelets this year so far. Perhaps it would be cheaper to buy the real thing than keep replacing them!
I'd like to have a go at making them in clay, but can't find the "cores" - do you have a particular supplier you'd recommend?
Yours in envy
Denise (Mrs to steve of the Google account!)

Wild Sage Lampwork said...

Hi! I am still addicted to making them and selling them. I usually list them in my Etsy shop and they are 20% off this week. As for the cores - it is sterling silver tube and you can get it at rio grande or any place like that. I think if you google sterling silver tube wholesale you will get a list. I usually get in a bulk buy on Lampwork Etc for mine. You could also do rivets and glue them in but I am not real familiar with that. Have a great day! Pam :)