Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Featured Etsy Artist of the Week - AJ's Country Cottage

Recently I was searching on Etsy for soap for a co-workers birthday present. I was intriqued when I found this shop AJ's Country Cottage . The soap was so beautifully created with an intricate swirl pattern and her descriptions sold me right away. Here is what she says....
"Life's too short NOT to surround yourself with the scents and pleasures you love. Pamper your skin and indulge your senses with this lovely artisan luxury soap designed to make your shower or bath time a true pleasure. Escape to your own private paradise!"

"Experience the silky smooth texture, intoxicating scent, and visual feast for yourself. Caress your skin with nothing but the best!"

OK.. sounds good to me.

So then I get the soap and it is as lovely as pictured and the scent is absolutely wonderful. Needless to say - I will be back. :-)
So all of this made me want to share my discovery with others. I DO hope that you will check out her shop and order her artisan luxury soap. I guarantee you will love it. Oh and I think my next purchase will have to be one of her soy candles. Go check them out.

Here is a little bit about AJ.

Let's here about your shop and how you got started:

I was initially motivated to learn to make my own soap because the idea of using the most pure and natural products on my skin (and my family's) really appealed to me. I like that I can control the ingredients! Soapmaking seemed like a fun challenge to learn, and I like challenges. :)

What inspires you to create:

Now I often find myself inspired by nature. The changing seasons, the colors of a sunset, and the scents of earth and flowers, for example, lead me to try and capture various concepts in my soaps. For example, my recent "Garden Mosaic" soap was my interpretation of a fresh garden. Earthy greens, yellows, and browns swirl together harmoniously, and the soap smells like sweet and fresh growing things.

Describe myself in one word: Content. :)

Favorite book and movie: Pride and Prejudice.
Favorite song: Linus and Lucy.

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Valerie said...

Those are really pretty photos! It makes the soaps look scrumptious.