Thursday, November 29, 2007

Join my NEW mailing list and Sign my NEW guestbook!!!

Hi, I have just put in a new sign up area for my mailing list and guestbook. It would be terrific if you signed up. Don't worry about getting daily emails from my mailing list, I hope maybe at least once a month I can get something out. Let you know about sales and specials, etc.
For example, this month I would point out that my Etsy shop will be closed from December 6th to the 16th. You can still purchase, but I will not mail anything out until the 18th at the earliest. So don't plan on it getting there in time for Christmas.
If you really have something in mind to purchase, try and do it ASAP.
Thanks! Pam

Oh, just in case you didn't see where to sign up, it is in the margin to the right. :)

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