Monday, November 19, 2007

22 Days til my Wedding!!! Woohoo!!!

I know that by the time my wedding gets here you will allllll be sick of hearing about it. Oh well! I am excited and can hardly wait.
On that note, I need to change the announcement for my Etsy store because I will be closed from December 6th to the 17th. So if you have your eye on something and are just waiting, better get it sooner rather than later. There will only be one week til Christmas when my store opens again. Just a little reminder there.
My grandson visited yesterday and we got some pictures of him. He is almost 3 months old and cute as a button. Puppy likes him too. Thinks he is tasty?! Whenever the baby cries, Tuck (the dog) wants to lick him to make him feel better. More later..

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Debbi T said...

What a little cuite! Aren't grtandchildren just the best thing ever! I have four and I cannot get enough of my little loves!