Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The BIGGGG Countdown

AHHHHHH............ I am getting married in 33 (ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!) days. Can you tell I am not quite ready yet? I am excited, but still need to get quite a few things ready in that SHORT period of time. So if I am freaking out a little .... welll Sorry! :0)
The dress is done. The hair needs to be weaved. I am thinkin of putting a little streak of purple in an inconspicuous place, (cause that is the wedding color). I think my mom would probably freak tho. Shhhhhh ...... We just won't tell her! The final planning needs to be done, have to make sure everyone shows up at the designated time and place. And all this work for a wedding party of only "8"!!!!! I can't imagine planning anything larger than that. Sigh!
The reception is in January in a barn no less. So I have a few more weeks to fret about that.
I need to finish a few little gifty things for the "wedding party" and get allll my Christmas crap in order before hand. OMG..... And here I sit typing on this silly computer.
Oh welll. Hopefully I will only do this once in my life! I am sure my fiance hopes that too, or at least he better hope that... :0 )
Ok, better go for now. I have been working on a lot of Christmas ready made gifts that I am listing in my etsy shop. I will try and get some pictures in here too. Maybe tomorrow...

See ya!

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