Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Shop, Christmas Cookies, and my First Anniversary

I have been pretty busy lately with trying to branch out and sell my lampworking in other areas. It is a small step but it is still a lot of work. I have 3 new shops that I want to share with you. The first one I just got approved for today. You have to set up shop and list your items and then submit it to the head honchos for approval. I really like the looks of their site and think that with a little time it will be productive. This particular site I have to sell the end product and not just the beads, so I have listed pandora beads and will add a leather cord for those that don't own a pandora bracelet so they can wear them as a necklace. I have a pandora bracelet that I mostly use for the pics and I wear 2 or 3 of my beads on a silver chain. Maybe I will start making more jewelry to sell and list it there. We will see. Here is the link

I also have a shop here which I started a couple of weeks ago I think. I need to go there and do a little listing of new items. I'm not sure how long I will be here...just depends on if it gets more user friendly. The site is

Here is a shop that I am in that has a few listings. We will see how this one goes as well.

Let's see - then there is my web site
oh and my other Etsy store This one needs some updating. I think I will relist some of the crystals that have expired and work harder on this as a destash shop. After Christmas....

I think I need someone to manage all of these little enterprises and take all the pictures and ship the beads and DO THE PAPERWORK!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I had all of my paperwork on the computer in Quicken done up to July I think it was and lost it allllllll... so now I am trying to get it all back in there for taxes. It really sucks if you ask me.. of course it would help if I had any CLUE whatsoever how Quicken worked. Or any desire to learn for that matter. I don't. Sigh...

So anyway on to other topics... I had my stepdaughter and granddaughter over on Saturday and we made Christmas cookies. It was a lot of fun.. so I will add a few pics and a link for more (here ya go mom).

Last but not least one year ago today I married a wonderful man on a beach in St. Thomas. Man I wish I was there now. Sigh. It has been a terrific year and I hope to have a thousand more just like it with him. :)


ChatElaine said...

Lovely piccies of the little one, gorgeous curly hair. Cookies look pretty yummy too (we call them biscuits here generally). Sounds like you going to be busy keeping everything up to date. I know the feeling I'm just building a new website myself at the moment. Oh and Happy Anniversary!!

Wild Sage Lampwork said...

Thanks...the "biscuits" were yummy!

Deronda designs said...

I love the pics. Of course, I always love pics. I'm with you...wish I had someone to do the boring stuff so I could just play with fire.