Thursday, July 24, 2008

Copper Cored Beads - Practice :)

So here are the beads that I cored last night. The two on the right were the first ones and I cut the copper too short. The one in the center is pretty but I chipped it on one side - oops. The two on the right turned out good, they are just kind of wonky beads. That is why they were in the bead box and not on Etsy :). I really like the one in the next picture it is wonky but it is kinda growing on me. Might be good enough to wear around the house! LOL
The third bead is a close up of the one in the center in the first pic. It isn't real smooth but it would have potential to try that one again.
The last two beads are ones I am at this very moment listing on Etsy. So gooooooo buy them just as soon as you finish reading this. :)
It is kinda fun to do and not that hard. It requires hammering the beads several times of course to get the metal to bend. That is where the risk of chipping them comes in. Hopefully I can make more this weekend. Stay tuned! :)

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