Thursday, July 24, 2008

Copper Core, Beads, Weeds, and a Holiday!

Hi. Happy Days of 47! It is a Utah state holiday. All I know is that I get the day off. But then again, work would probably be preferable to weeding the yard. I am going to go see The Dark Knight at the IMAX theatre this afternoon, so I am looking forward to that. My sweetie is going to Illinois for a few days to work on a building that we bought there. It needs cleaning etc, so we can rent the apartment upstairs. I think he is going to paint the front of it too. It is on the main street of town, a little place that I grew up. I wish that I could have gone too, but the plane ticket was too expensive. Sucks! Plus I have to work.
Well anyway, hopefully I can get a bunch of beads and stuff listed and made. I got the equipment yesterday to core beads. I am practicing with copper tubing and it is pretty easy and they are looking good. I just need some beads to core now. I practiced on a few rejects. Maybe later I will take a pic to show you. So here are a few things I listed yesterday.... HI MOM!
Oh and I babysat my grandson the other day for a couple hours and he is starting to walk. So cute. :)

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