Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cell Phone Charms and a FISH!

Here are a few new things I am working on. I posted them in my Etsy store for sale. Go check them out. It has been pretty crazy around here lately. Had the whole Mother's day BBQ with my stepkids and grandkids on Saturday. Went and saw Iron Man on Sunday. It was really good. Had a strong gust of wind blow through Sunday evening and it caught the closed umbrella on our outside table and blew it over. We had safety glass all over the yard. So to prevent the dog from getting hurt we were out in the dark with the shop vac sweeping the grass. Wonder what the neighbors think of that :) ! I know what I would have thought.... CRAZY!
Anyway.. tomorrow I am going to post pics of my new favorite color combination, so check back. Have a terrific day! Hi MOM!

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