Friday, October 5, 2007

Long time - no blog

Hi, just thought I ought to write a little in my blog, just to keep people coming back for more. :) LOL. It has been a busy week at work but it is now FRIDAY!!!! Yipee!!! and I am dreaming about all the beads that I will get to make this weekend. Hopefully it won't just be a dream.
Supposedly it is going to snow here tomorrow and be kinda yucky, so once the errands are done and the grandson visited, it is bead making time. I plan on working on learning how to encase beads this weekend. It is not something that I have spent a lot of time on. Also I'm thinkin' FRIT.
We (Etsy Glass Artists) are having our First Anniversary Sale starting(I believe) next Friday, so I need to stock up my store with a bunch of new pretties.
My fiance and I went to the circus last Saturday. It was Ringling Brothers. I can barely remember the last circus I went to and I think that was in a tent. This one was in the Energy Solutions Arena (formerly the Delta Center), and it just wasn't quite the same. No hay, or mud or animal smells, like I seem to remember the last one having. LOTS of kiddies tho, sheesh, we were surrounded by them. I think we were the only people there without rugrats clinging to us. :) It was an ok time tho. The lions and elephants were cool. I wasn't too keen about the hot dog that kept me returning to the bathroom tho - can you say food poisoning! Oh well.
I can't imagine what it costs to take a whole family to the circus. Especially in Utah, where people have 4 or more kids, at least. Plus all the food and the required light up toy, noise maker that every kid seemed to have. What a racket that is. (Wish I had thought of it!)
Well that is about it for now. I did recently put some new crystals in my store so if you are interested go check them out. More later. Have a great weekend.

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