Friday, September 14, 2007


Man I am having major bead making withdrawals. Last weekend we had a grandson so that took a lot of time. Good time of course but still time. Then when I actually got to sit down and make a few beads on Sunday my oxygen concentrator kicked the ole bucket and so there I was - no beads. I went to bed early I was so sad. Plus I have so many that I have promised people that I would get done at least by this weekend. Sheesh..promises, promises.
So then here I am at work and we usually don't have to work on Friday night but we have a study that needs our presence here this week - sad - although it is major overtime pay. So here I will be tomorrow night. I work 48 hours a week nights as it is, so that will be another 8 hours - sigh. I just wanna make beads! ALLLLLL THE TIME!!!!!
So then by the time I sleep on Saturday, get up, clean the house, do the laundry, mow the yard, weed the yard, grocery shop,,,,, yada yada yada. Oh and see the new baby...Maybe by Sunday night I can drag my sorry tired ass down to my studio and make "a" bead. I just wish winter was here.... no weeds! Oh and I neglected to mention that we DID get my oxygen concentrator fixed.. my dear sweetie cleaned a few parts inside it and now it works. SIGH!!!So there you have it, the story of my week.
Oh but the good news is, (altho a totally different subject) our wedding rings are almost finished! I can't wait to see them, but I suppose that my dear sweet (are you reading this petie) gorgeous, romantic, handsome, generous, fiance won't let me see my ring until the BIG DAY!!! and that isn't until DECEMBER!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can you tell I am inpatient?
I have been taking a lot of pictures of my yard lately. I have 32 rose bushes (that I need to deadhead this weekend too :( , no beadies for me) that are blooming pretty good right now since it has cooled off a smidgen. So here are a few pics of my yard too.
I think that I need to post here more often. This is kinda fun, just rambling away to no one in particular.
So come back soon and read more of my trials and tribulations! :)

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