Friday, July 23, 2010


Like I need a new addiction. I call it my new CRACK! LOL Not really but it is something new that I am enjoying and can be as expensive as drugs (I imagine). So I decided to go to a local yarn shop yesterday - Blazing Needles in Salt Lake - (Cool place with friendly people btw) - something that I have been avoiding because I KNOW I will buy something and guess what I DID!!!! Go figure. I think someday I want to have a yarn/bead shop so I can indulge in my favorite activities full time. Any one want to buy me that? I would be forever grateful! :)
So anyway here are a few pictures of my purchases and a few things I have made lately. Have a great weekend :) Pam

So here is the "crack" that I bought to satisfy my addiction. I probably shouldn't call it that ;) it is just BEAUTIFUL YARN. Can't wait to try the Sushi Wallet.

These two pictures are what I have been making with my new WOOL! It is such fun. This is my sisters birthday present. She got it today and originally wondered why I made her such a BIG hat. LOL.... She likes it. Oh and just cause I can since this is my blog (bragging) I made the beads too. :)
These are bead pics of things that I am listing in my Etsy shop today. Here is the link

This is a watch band that I made for a coworker. It turned out really pretty I think. These are interchangeable so you can buy the watch face once and change out the bands to suit your mood or wardrobe or whatever. I will probably be making and selling more of these soon!!!!!

Another picture of the watch!

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Greta said...

Wow!! I love your beads. Thay are absolutely stunning!! Like your wooly addiction too lol.
Greta x