Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Employee of the Month

My hubby is employee of the month where he works and I am soooo proud of him. Here is what they had to say-

Please join me in congratulating Dale Dansie on his nomination for employee of the month. Dale has been a great asset to the Sandy Clinic in many ways. One example of this is his willingness to float and adapt to any department that he is needed. He is efficient and learns quickly, and gives it 100% effort. Dr. Stolman had the following to say about Dale's talents and abilities:
Dale is a model M.A. and I would recommend that any given student M.A. be assigned to follow him for a week. He is a quick study and picks up new office proceedings with lightning speed, which I am sure is a reflection of his sharp intellect. He is also upbeat, and ready to laugh and help our patients to laugh. Dale is reliable to get office chores accomplished on time and will always surprise you with some more efficient way to run things. He has an excellent sense of professionalism. As an example of these things, he rewrote and restyled many of our consent forms and handouts so that they looked more professional, and reorganized our mole maps so they are more concise. All of these things have helped our office be more efficient and professional.

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