Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mexican Riviera

Hi.. my husband and I recently got back from a wonderful cruise to the Mexican Riviera. We went on the Carnival Spirit and stopped at Acapulco, Zihuantenejo, and Manzanillo. We also had four days at sea. I wish I was still on the ship. Dang. Although I would have to have my torch along if I stayed for very long.
The couple that we sat with at dinner asked me what I liked to do in my spare time and I couldn't come up with anything except yard work?! Lampworking just did not come to mind. That is how relaxed and far from daily living as you can get. I thought about it later and was really surprised. It's like "oh yeah, I make beads" sheesh. I really missed my babies tho. Tuck (dog) and Hisssy (you guessed it - cat). They missed us too. We took the cat to a Petsmart hotel and he went in kinda distant and not real friendly, hence the name (He is a kitty and we haven't had him long.) But he came out all lovey and nice and I am wondering it I got the right cat! LOL
Anyway, we met a ton of really nice people on our cruise and had a terrific time so I wanted to put a few pictures here and a couple links to more.
Also there will be a sale coming up in my Etsy store real quick so check back here for the details. Have a great day! Pam

Pics on flickr
Pics by Jerod Harris


ChatElaine said...

It looks absolutely glorious. I hope you had a wonderful time. Was it just a holiday or was there a special occasion involved?

Wild Sage Lampwork said...

It was just a much needed vacation. We try and go at least once a year on a cruise.