Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Website in Progress

Hi... My hubby is working on my new website and it is really gonna be pretty. The only problem is if you have it bookmarked now it comes up as a Not Found error when you hit the button. So if you want to see my new page you need to go to it directly and then re- bookmark it. Here is the link. Wild Sage Lampwork
I am going to have a Fish Market page and have a Fresh Catch of the Week. I love to make the fish. I also think I will have a Flower Patch page and a Candy Store etc. I like to name my beads after candy for some reason. Anyway, give us a little time and keep rechecking the link. I do have a fish for sale on there now, altho she is really one I wanted to keep all for myself. Sad! I was just practicing adding items to my shop and decided to leave her. Her name is Sophia. She's sweet.
Thanks for listening. Pam

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Mary Timme said...

I'm going over to look! Cool!